Caught on Camera: Motorized picnic tables drive down the street in Australia

Dangerous driving is no picnic, Australian police are reminding the public.

Mobile-wielding motorists and CCTV cameras captured what appear to be two motorized picnic tables driving down a busy street in Perth, Australia last Sunday.

The two tables were driving down the West Coast Highway in the Perth suburb of Scarborough carrying nine passengers clad in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.

Police in Perth, Australia are warning the public after cameras captured what appears to be two motorized picnic tables driving down a busy road this past Sunday. Western Australia Police

“Police are concerned for the safety of those riding on the tables with no protective clothing, especially when on roads alongside motor vehicles,” Western Australia Police said in a press release.

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“There are overall safety concerns particularly if a traffic incident was to occur, resulting in the persons subjecting themselves to potential injury.”

Among the concerns police have is complete lack of safety equipment such as seatbelts and turn indicators.

Western Australia Police

Police say the “drivers” could face charges including driving an unlicensed vehicle, driving an unroadworthy vehicle and even drunk driving.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Western Australia Police.

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