Relationship dealbreakers: how men and women compare

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Looking for love? Researchers say dealbreakers hold more weight than dealmakers. LEO RAMIREZ/AFP/Getty Images

Do you look disheveled? Are you lazy or needy? If so, good luck finding a long-term mate: new research suggests those are three of the factors that’ll kill your relationship before it even starts.

The research, which is based on six surveys, also finds that people put more importance on a potential partner’s negative traits than positive ones.

“For romantic relationships, taking on a bad partner may be costlier than foregoing a good partner,” says a study, titled “Relationship Dealbreakers: Traits People Avoid in Potential Mates.”

“Women are likely to be more selective about their relationship partners to avoid costly impregnation by low quality mates,” it adds.

They’re more prone to be pickier about the quality of sex when considering a long-term relationship. Men, on the other hand, seem to care more about quantity.

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Men are also more likely to consider someone who “talks too much” as a dealbreaker, compared to women, who are more likely to be turned off by someone who spends too much time watching TV or playing video games.

Women also find a lack of a sense of humour to be a non-starter, more so than men.

Graphic credit: Global News.

When it comes to short-term (casual sex) relationships, “men are less likely to have dealbreakers when looking for a short-term mate,” researcher Gregory Webster of the University of Florida admitted.

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“They lower their standards a bit.”

Here’s how one of the surveys compares dealbreakers in short- and long-term relationships:

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Top 10 dealbreakers for short-term relationships

The person has…

  1. Health issues such as STDs
  2. Smells bad
  3. Has poor hygiene
  4. Is already in a relationship/married
  5. Has anger issues or is abusive
  6. Is bad in bed
  7. Is unattractive
  8. Is currently dating multiple partners
  9. Does not take care of themselves
  10. Is racist/bigoted

Top 10 dealbreakers for long-term relationships

The person has…

  1. Anger issues or is abusive
  2. Is currently dating multiple partners
  3. Is untrustworthy
  4. Is already in a relationship/married
  5. Has health issues such as STDs
  6. Has an alcohol or drug problem
  7. Is inattentive/uncaring
  8. Is dismissive of my interests
  9. Has poor hygiene
  10. Smells bad

Those who consider themselves to be a catch tend to have more dealbreakers, the study suggests.

The researchers acknowledge some weaknesses to their findings — namely the fact that most of the respondents were heterosexual. They also say dealbreakers may vary among age groups.

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