B.C. man posts on Facebook to find owner of Canadian war medals

UPDATE:  Veterans Affairs is now involved in the hunt to find the rightful owner of a set of four WWII medals.

The RCMP has also stepped forward to offer assistance.

Martin Bokesch of Vernon says he’s had so much correspondence that he’s days behind in his replies.

Bokesch says he’s currently pursuing eight leads involving families who believe the medals may be their heirlooms.

A British Columbia man is trying to find the owner of four Canadian war medals and is hoping Facebook can help.

Vernon resident Martin Bokesch posted two photos of the medals along with a short post on Nov. 6. Since then, his post has been shared more than 31,000 times.

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Bokesch says his wife bought an old used desk in Montreal at a furniture dealer and when she was cleaning it she found a box with four Canadian war medals inside. He says he thinks they are from the Second World War.

He has tried using the address and name on the box to search for the owner, but has had little success. But he does think the owner of the medals may be someone named J. Nicholls.

Bokesch says he has reached out to the legion and Veterans Affairs, and has now turned to Facebook.

Bokesch wants people to share his post  in this hopes of finding the owner soon.

Here is his full post below:

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I need A Big Hand, people to get involved with a bit of a mystery! Those in the Eastern part of Canada the most!!!

My wife bought an old used desk in Montreal at a furniture dealer. Going through it and cleaning it up, a box was found containing 4 Canadian Veteran Medals. The research so far indicates they are from WW2. The box they are in is quite old and is not the box they were sent it, looks more like just for storage. I tried searching the Address and the Written Name on the box as well, as indicated on the picture, with limited success. I have attached a Pic of the Box and of the Medals. It is Old. (4 cent CDN Stamp on it!!!)

I believe the hand written Name of J. Nicholls may be the original Veterans name. Cannot be certain. I have found no one named Dorothy I Priest as well.

I have contacted the Legion and they cannot help me, they do not have a database that can be searched, and there has been no reply from Veterans Affairs as well! These medals appear to have been worn, showing some edge damage and Ribbon wear. Probably with Great Pride and Honour.

It would be great if we could find the rightful Recipient, or Heirs that these belong to.

I can set up a separate Facebook page for this search if the interest in finding the Owner is strong enough.
Please, as a tribute to those that fought and served, lets find the owner. Share the heck out of this please!!


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