Quebec public sector workers continue strike action

Protesters with the Common Front Union protest outside the Mount Royal Club, Friday, November 6, 2015. Kelly Greig/Global News

MONTREAL – As many as 400,000 public sector workers with the Common Front will begin a second series of rotating strikes Monday in order to reach a settlement with the Quebec government.

The unions are continuing pressure tactics after they rejected an offer Friday from the Quebec Treasury Board.

The government’s proposal was described as “window dressing” by union leaders.

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The rotating strikes will take place in health and social services, as well as in education and the public sector.

CSQ President Louise Chabot said Treasury Board Minister Martin Coiteux didn’t understand that the workers would not allow themselves to become impoverished “to finance tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy.”

Chabot added that if the government continues to turn a deaf ear, the Common Front is ready to “raise its voice” in the coming weeks.

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According to FTQ President Daniel Boyer, the mobilization of public sector workers in the first round of walkouts has caught the government’s attention in Quebec City and forced them to make a move.

He added that the offer on the table Friday was not enough to reach a settlement.

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