Ontarians will know by end of 2015 if motorists will pay a toll to use HOV lanes

TORONTO – Ontario motorists will know by the end of the year exactly where the Liberal government intends to establish high-occupancy toll lanes.

The government wants the revenue from HOT lanes, which allow motorists without any passengers to pay to use high-occupancy-vehicle lanes that are free with at least two people in a vehicle.

Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca says he will outline where toll lanes will be created and what the charges will be in December.

Del Duca says any new highway projects, including the expansion of the 401 near Cambridge, will include new HOV and HOT lanes.

He wants to use lessons learned from the temporary HOV lanes set up on Toronto-area highways last summer for the Pan Am Games to develop the plan.

But Del Duca downplayed police reports showing accidents on highways with the HOV lanes during the Games jumped 73 per cent compared with the same months in the previous four years.


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