Landon Webb’s family begs for public to help bring their son home

HALIFAX – “I want you to call home,” are the only words Darrell Webb could say about his missing son, Landon, before breaking down in tears Wednesday.

Landon Webb, 25, has an intellectual disability and functions at the level of a 10 to 12-year-old. He also lives with epilepsy, anxiety disorder, heart disease and asthma.

Landon has been declared an incompetent person by the courts and needs supervision. He has been living at the Kings Regional Rehibilitation Centre in Waterville, N.S. for nearly two years.

On the afternoon of Oct. 15, Landon left the centre and did not return. No one has seen or heard from him since.

Landon Webb was last seen on the afternoon of October 15, at the Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre in Waterville, N.S. Natasha Pace/Global News

“We’ve heard nothing. We’re fearing the worst for Landon,” said Brenda Webb, Landon’s mother.

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While residing at the Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre, Landon was allowed unsupervised access to the community and because of that, his parents are concerned about who he may have befriended.

“We have no idea what connections or anything have been made during that time frame, so we don’t know where he is at all,” said Brenda Webb.

Global News reached out to the rehabilitation centre about Landon’s disappearance but no one was available to comment Wednesday.

“We really need some help to find this young man and make sure that he’s protected and get him into a safe living arrangement,” said Tim Houston, MLA for Pictou East.

Darrell & Brenda Webb break down in tears as they speak to members of the media, trying to raise awareness about their missing son. Natasha Pace/Global News

RCMP have been actively searching for Landon, but so far, have not had any luck finding him.

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“We’re looking for him in the Kings District or the Kings County area, but we’re also looking in the New Glasgow or Stellerton area because we’ve received some tips lately that he could be in those areas,” said RCMP spokesperson Const. Mark Skinner.

Since he left the centre, Landon has had no access to the medications he requires.

“We’re concerned for Landon’s safety. Landon has some medical conditions that we’d like him to receive treatment for,” Skinner said.

The Webbs say they have no idea where Landon could be, but have been taking it upon themselves to search abandoned buildings and rural areas they suspect he could have went to. They are hoping the police can step up their efforts to locate Landon, and are begging the public to help.

“He’s prey to predators on the street and in the community because of his conditions and it leaves him very vulnerable while he’s out there,” said Brenda Webb. “He looks perfectly normal as you can see, but he is very significantly impaired.”

Police say they continue to follow up on tips from the public and are encouraging anyone who may have information on Landon’s whereabouts to contact authorities.

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