International charges dropped against accused in Amanda Todd case

The man accused of tormenting Amanda Todd before her suicide will not face charges in her case in the Netherlands.

The lawyer representing Aydin Coban says Todd’s entire case is being left out of the Dutch prosecution against him. Christian Van Dijk, Coban’s lawyer, says he believes it is because Canadian prosecutors are trying to have Coban extradited here to face similar charges.

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Todd was 15 years old when she committed suicide in October 2012 after she was bullied online.

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Coban is accused of pressuring youth in several countries into performing sex acts by webcam and then blackmailing them.

He still faces sextortion charges and is accused of spreading child pornography, involving international victims including one other Canadian.

Coban was arrested in 2014 and is a Dutch national of Turkish descent.

“I can say that the investigation has revealed several victims throughout our country [Canada] as well as internationally,” said Insp. Bob Resch with the National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (NCECC), in 2014. “The information for those cases have been provided to the police forces of jurisdiction and the primary responsibility within this country was of police forces to identify or find these victims and to give them the support they need and assurance that the police are there to apprehend individuals that are extorting them and to give them comfort and support for their unfortunate interactions that they’ve had over a cyber world.”
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Coban remains in custody in the Netherlands.


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