Moncton’s Evergreen Park School recognizes its students from more than 24 countries

MONCTON – A Moncton school with a high number of newcomers is taking steps to celebrate its multicultural population.

Students at Evergreen Park School represent more than two dozen countries. Each of their flags are on display in the school’s cafeteria.

Antigone Panagiotakis is the school’s principal and says the flags can make a positive impression on the students.

“It’s just a simple hello by seeing their flag up makes them feel more comfortable and makes them feel like they are part of our family,” she said.

Noemi Szenti’s family moved to Moncton two years ago from Romania. She’s been attending Evergreen Park for about a year and says she appreciates seeing her flag hanging in the school.

“I think it’s really great because it makes students feel much more welcomed,” she said.

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The school also promotes having students try international food.

Nam Tran’s family moved to the city from Vietnam. He said it means a lot to see the school make such an effort to help people feel part of the community.

“It’s a brilliant idea when a school thinks about separate cultures,” he said.

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