Calgary Police investigate men posing as police officers

Calgary Police Service
FILE: Calgary Police Service logo. Dani Lantela/Global News File

CALGARY – Police are investigating three incidents involving men posing as police officers that happened between 11:00 p.m. and 11:15 p.m. Saturday night.

Police say three vehicles were pulled over after a car pulled up behind them with a flashing strobe light.

Then the men from the vehicle with the light, got out and demanded money from the vehicle stopped ahead of them.

In the last incident of the night, the victim was pulled from his vehicle, assaulted and robbed.

 The incidents happened in the communities of Beddington, Harvest Hills and North Haven.
Police say they tracked the vehicle posing as police at a residence in the Beddington Heights area.
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Police took three people into custody that they believe are connected to the incidents.
Officers also found a vehicle at the residence that matched the description of the one involved in the crime and contained lights that could be used to pull people over.
Police continue to investigate but are reminding drivers of ways to stay safe in a similar situation.
  • The majority of Calgary Police Service traffic stops are conducted in marked vehicles or in unmarked vehicles driven by police officers dressed in full uniform.
  • Marked CPS vehicles are always equipped with red and blue lights on top, which are always activated during traffic stops.
  • An undercover officer wearing plain clothes may conduct a traffic stop in an unmarked vehicle, using a red/blue -coloured strobe light. The lights in these vehicles can be located inside the grill or in the vehicle’s interior.
  • If a driver is not sure about a vehicle that is pulling them over, they should call 911.
  • Police officers are required to carry identification at all times and drivers have the right to ask them to see that identification.
  • A driver should never exit his/her vehicle during a traffic stop, unless they are asked to do so by a police officer.
  • When conducting traffic stops members of the Calgary Police Service usually approach the vehicle they have pulled over in a reasonably prompt fashion. They always identify themselves as members of the Service.
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