Some couples choosing separate beds for a better night’s sleep

REGINA – A brutal night’s sleep can lead to a pretty bad day and that’s why many couples are trying a different solution and sleeping in separate beds.

“I think it’s a great idea because you can get a better night sleep,” said one Regina resident.

The idea has been gaining traction. According to a study from Ryerson University between 30 to 40 per cent of couples sleep in separate beds at night.

“The reasons for sleeping apart are critical. If they’re doing it because they care for each other and care for each other’s rest then that will come through in their relationship during their waking hours,” said marriage therapist Sam Berg.

“We don’t need each other blaming each other for not getting a good night’s sleep. That why we have a separate bedroom,” said real estate agent Craig Adams.

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Sleeping in a separate bed may not be for every couple – so is it possible to have a good night’s sleep with the comfort of your own partner.

“We can accommodate that. We can figure out what you need and what you both need,” said sleep expert Alyssa Mackin with Sleep Country Canada.

“Businesses are adapting to changing couples’ habits and new innovations and technology can help you and your partner get close,” added Mackin.

Whether it’s a good mattress, separate rooms or putting up with each other’s bed habits, couples should remember: “At night time if they’re not getting their sleep, they should do what they can to get a better sleep,” said Berg.


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