Edmonton transit users could see an increase in fares

Edmonton – Edmonton transit users could see a three per cent increase in fares over the next three years, if a report presented to city council Friday is approved.

For example, adult fare would increase from $3.20 to $3.50 in 2017. A monthly adult pass would jump from $89.00 this year to $94.25 in 2017. (See transit structure below).

Transit is one of the biggest expenses for the city, but transit customers cover just over 40 per cent of the operating costs of the system through the fares they pay.

City council said an increase is needed to maintain transportation costs including road maintenance.

Reaction to the fare increase among customers is mixed.

“I understand prices go up, that’s how it works. But the service doesn’t go up, it’s always kind of the same,” said Kim Gramlich, an ETS customer.

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Reaction is even mixed on city council.

There is a transit review underway, which is taking a look at how the system will operate in the future. Some councillors want that review done before looking into the possibility of fare increases.

“I hope there’s not support for a fare increase right now because A, part of our transit review is, ‘How do we make it a better system that’s more affordable that allows more people to use it,'” said Ward 10 councillor Michael Walters.

“To put a fare increase on the table now just seems a little offside to me.”

Edmonton transit’s fare policy amendment was approved by city council on March 17. The new policy stated that transit fares will be set within the multi-year budgeting process.

Edmonton Transit Fair Structure:

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With files from Vinesh Pratap, Global News.