No questions off limits as Trudeau meets with press on day after election

Justin Trudeau touched on a wide range of topics Tuesday, from assisted suicide to pipelines, in his first meeting with the press as prime minister-elect.

The Liberal leader said he’d spent the day connecting with provincial leaders on plans for reducing global emissions, and pledged to attend the upcoming climate summit in Paris. Trudeau said it’s important to get Canadians on board with climate commitments, and make that clear on the international stage.

“Over the course of this day I’ve spoken with a number of Premiers and talked about our internet and engagement in regards to attending Paris together,” he said. “We look forward in the coming weeks to continue to engage with them and ensure that Canada demonstrates with a clear voice in Paris at the end of November that we are committed to being a positive actor doing our share to reduce global emissions.”

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Trudeau also said he would not allow any pipeline tension to negatively affect the relationship with our neighbours to the south.

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The new liberal cabinet is set to be revealed Nov. 4. Trudeau said he believes Canadians want a “stronger and smaller cabinet,” and said there will need to be much reflection before the cabinet is appointed.

“I think one of the things that Canadians expect is a cabinet that is filled with people who are not just representatives of their ministries and departments but actual deciders,” Trudeau said.

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Senate reform was also addressed as Trudeau stressed the need for a lack of partisanship in the upper chamber.

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“I look forward to meeting with the Senate leadership and others to talk about how we’re going to ensure that the clear mandate for change and for the kinds of legislation that we’ll be putting forward that Canadians expressed over the course of yesterday and over the course of the campaign is something that is moved forward on.”

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However, Trudeau said the Senate would be addressed only after the cabinet was named and the new government up and running.

On the topic of assisted suicide, Trudeau said he respects the Supreme Court’s decision on the matter and will work to ensure vulnerable Canadians, along with the rights of all citizens are protected.

Trudeau said there is a need for a national public inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women. He pledged to meet with aboriginal leaders to discuss the issue, but did not provide a timeline.

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