Don Valley East won by Yasmin Ratansi for Liberal party in hotly contested riding

Liberal MP Yasmin Ratansi rises during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Monday March 7, 2011. THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES/Adrian Wyld

Yasmin Ratansi has been elected in the Don Valley East riding for the Liberal party, overtaking Conservative candidate Maureen Harquail in a close race.

Harquail was not able to secure a seat in the hotly contested riding, after former Conservative MP Joe Daniel is now running in the Don Valley North riding.

What made this riding one of the most closely watched in the city is the fact that boundaries changed this year, and if the riding looked today like it did in 2011 the Liberals would have secured the seat with 38.4 per cent of the vote over the Conservatives 36.4 per cent.

Part of the riding has now moved into Don Valley North for this election, but picks up part of what used to be Don Valley West.

The riding was a Liberal stronghold from 1997 until the Conservatives won in 2011.

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