Liberal Bill Blair claims Scarborough Southwest

Bill Blair has secured the Scarborough Southwest riding for the Liberal Party.

Blair won a decisive victory over NDP candidate Dan Harris and Conservative hopeful Roshan Nallaratanam.

The riding was one of the most closely watched in the election between all three major parties.

WATCH: Federal Election 2015: Liberal MPP of Scarborough Southwest talks Bill Blair’s win in riding

The Liberals put forth Blair as a star candidate in an attempt to win back the riding, with the Conservatives nominating another former Toronto police officer in Nallaratnam.

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NDP MP Dan Harris secured what was supposed to be a Liberal stronghold in 2011, handily defeating Nallaratnam and Liberal incumbent Michelle Simson with 35 per cent to Nallaratnam’s 31.9 per cent and Simson’s 29.1 per cent.

Interestingly enough, Green Party candidate Tommy Taylor was one of the activists rounded up by Toronto Police during the 2010 G20 protests.

There’s been a slight shift in the boundaries for this riding in 2015, with territory being lost in the north and gained in the east.

The riding encompasses The Golden Mile, Kennedy Park, Cliffcrest, Birchmount Park and Clairlea.

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