Famous 5 showcases historic ‘pink tea’ conversations in immersive audio experience

CALGARY – A popular monument in Calgary’s downtown core has come to life with a partnership between the Famous 5 Foundation and a local design agency.

The result is an immersive audio experience to those who visit the Famous 5 Statue at Olympic Plaza.

“Ladies, raise your cups in a toast to our daughters and their daughters after them,” says an excerpt from the historic conversation. “They will be considered people. We are custodians of the future.”

It’s intended to take listeners back in time to the “pink tea” conversation that led to women being declared official persons.

The audio was recorded using a unique form of technology that gives a 360 degree experience.

“The conversation replicates women as they signed the petitions that led to the victory,” said Famous 5 Foundation’s Carolyn Robertson. “So it’s about immersing them into the conversation, but it’s creating an emotional attachment because you are in it. The women surround you, and sounds are all around you.”

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The launch coincides with the 86th anniversary of the day this declaration came into effect. To hear the entire conversation, click here.

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