5 Montreal stories you must read this week: October 16

Dorval Elementary School students voting in a mock federal election, Wednesday, October 14, 2015. Tim Sargeant/Global News

MONTREAL – There are just a few days left until the federal elections and Montrealers are counting down until the Global News live feed on Oct. 19.

Here are the top five stories Global News covered in Montreal this week:

Advance polling times

“We were told for our station it was over an hour wait.”

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The federal election campaign that started in mid-summer is finally nearing to an end.

READ THE STORY: Advance polls in Montreal create long waits and complaints from voters

Le Fridge helps Montreal families

Families in Montreal may have a new solution to ease some of their financial struggles.

Inspired by the European food sharing movement, Le Fridge has opened up in the Centre-Sud.

READ THE STORY: Le Fridge offers food to all Montreal families in need

Dorval mock vote

“It’s not really real, but we’re able to vote still, so it’s cool.”

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Dozens of school children at Dorval Elementary got a chance to vote in a mock federal election.

READ THE STORY: Dorval school children get a taste of voting in federal election

Quebec teacher strike days

Teachers at several English school boards across Greater Montreal have announced their strike dates as part of pressure tactics over contract negotiations.

The unions insisted the government’s demands go too far.

READ THE STORY: Quebec teacher unions announce strike days

Cultivating hope for Montreal families

“It’s a wonderful program and we’re really glad to see the land being put to such good use.”

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A once seemingly abandoned park with scraps of machinery and grassy hills now boasts acres of land used to grow fresh, local and organic produce.

READ THE STORY: Cultivating Hope donates 30,000 vegetables to families across Montreal

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