5 Montreal stories you must read this week: September 25

Shekai Mills Knight, 9, was deemed too heavy to play football with his team, Monday, September 21, 2015. Global News

MONTREAL – From defaced election signs to controversy over a nine-year-old football player’s weight, here are the top five stories Global News covered in Montreal this week:

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Revamping the Royal Vic

McGill University said it has taken another step forward in the project to convert the Royal Victoria Hospital.

The studies will cost an estimated $8 million to be financed jointly by the university and the Quebec government.

READ THE STORY: McGill takes steps to convert Royal Victoria Hospital

Football woes

“Well, there’s no point in playing when I lost my position…so, I don’t know.”

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A kids football team said it has been unfairly targeted after it had to forfeit four games due to a post-game weight check.

READ THE STORY: EXCLUSIVE: Ineligible? 9-year-old football player penalized after being deemed ‘too heavy’

Verdun Hospital language problems

“Life is more important than language.”

When Shahrokh Hoghooghi asked for an update on his father’s medical condition at the Verdun Hospital, he wasn’t expecting the response he got.

READ THE STORY: Language debate takes place in corridors of Verdun Hospital

Young fan inspired by Subban

“I want to do the same thing, but less money.”

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Star defender P.K. Subban’s $10 million pledge to the Montreal Children’s Hospital has inspired one of his young fans to do the same.

READ THE STORY: Subban pledge inspires 7-year-old to follow in his footsteps

Defaced election signs

“The community is feeling the heat, they feel it’s an easy target any time for any reason.”

Anti-Islamist stickers bearing the slogan “no Muslim, no terrorism” were found on election signs in DDO this week.

READ THE STORY: DDO election signs defaced with anti-Islam message

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