Email scam targets Netflix subscribers

Email scam targets Netflix subscribers - image

An e-mail scam targeting Netflix subscribers is causing some confusion among Abbotsford residents.

Cst. Ian MacDonald with the Abbotsford Police says they received six reports from residents last week that they had received an email that looked like it was from Netflix.

Three of those people clicked on the email and gave out their credit card information.

MacDonald says the email looks like it could be from Netflix, with the same images and logos. The email states that Netflix is unable to process your monthly bill and to ensure that the service does not get cut off, people need to sign in to their account and update their information.

“This Netflix [scam] is newer,” said MacDonald. “People love Netflix and so that’s the admission that we’ve had from these victims. One victim told me that the threat of cutting of her Netflix is what got her attention.”
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He said when the victim clicked on the sign-in link, she was asked for her username and password, which could have been any username and password because the scammers are only interested in the next screen. That is where you are asked to enter your personal and credit card information.

“She is very scam-alert,” said MacDonald, “but Netflix just hit a little too close for her.”

Netflix says it does not ask for updated account information through email.

Tips from the Abbotsford Police Department for keeping yourself safe.

Coquitlam RCMP also received the email scam on Tuesday:

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