Bombing survivor, Maria Mitousis speaks out for the first time

WINNIPEG — Maria Mitousis lost her right hand among other injures when a bomb exploded in her hands in early July. Now three months later, she’s speaking publicly for the first time.

Mitousis a family lawyer at Petersen King Law Firm was rushed to hospital on July 3rd after she opened a package containing a grey voice recorder. When she pressed play, it exploded in her hands.

“I’ve been so impressed by the dedication that they (Winnipeg police officers) have for their city and its citizens,” Mitousis said. “I remember in the minutes after the explosion, the arrival of the first Winnipeg police officer, who I know now is Paul. He quickly took control of the situation and he reassured us that help is on its way.” She went on to thank all the emergency personnel who came to help her that day.

Mitousis said she was overwhelmed by the support she received after the incident, “Even on Facebook people reaching out saying’I don’t know you, but hang in there.'”

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“The most important thing I need is time for recovery and to move past what happened that day.”

The incident sent the city into a frenzy, several law offices were evacuated many closed early for the day in fear.

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The following day, the Winnipeg Police Bomb Unit detonated another bomb found at Iris Amsel’s autobody shop on Washington Avenue, Amsel’s ex-wife.

The two had been embroiled in a lengthy divorce battle and Mitousis was Iris’ lawyer.

On July 5th, again the police bomb robot detonated another bomb found at Orle Bargen and Davidson law office on Stradbrook Avenue. No one was injured.

The next day, Winnipeg police searched Guido Amsel’s home on Pandora Avenue and arrested him. He’s charged with three counts of attempted murder, possession of a weapon, causing an explosive substance to explode with intent to cause bodily harm, unlawful possession of explosives and storing a firearm.

After a three day bail hearing, Amsel was denied bail on September 9th. His lawyer, Martin Glazer says they will appeal the decision. His next court date is Oct. 9th.

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