Global News SkyTracker Weather app FAQ


Are you using the Global News SkyTracker Weather App? If so, you’re not alone — thousands of Canadians use the app daily to get a personalized forecast on the go.

Global News introduced a completely redesigned SkyTracker app in August.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our new and improved SkyTracker app.

Q- Why did Global News change the app?

A- We’ve upgraded the SkyTracker Weather app with new features that will make the experience even more personalized for you.


Q- Is the app available on BlackBerry or Windows 10?

A- Global News SkyTracker Weather app is only available for iOS and Android at this time.


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Q- Why is the forecast different from the forecast on Global News TV newscasts?

A- SkyTracker allows you to pinpoint your location. Depending on where you are located, you may see data personalized for you – and that may differ from the more generalized forecast on your local TV newscast.


Q– How can I add a location?

A– You can add a new location to the app by clicking on the arrow next to the current location at the top of the app. From there you’ll see a current list of locations. Click the “+” button at the top of that page and you’ll be able to enter a city name such as “Edmonton, AB” and add that location to your list. Once it’s in the list, you can just press it to show the weather for that location.


Q- How do I set my “Home” location?

A- You can set your favourite location in the locations menu and set that as the default starting location for the app. Hit the arrow next to your current location at the top of most pages. Then look for the “Set as Home” button next to each saved location.


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