iOS 9 may leave iPhone users vulnerable to passcode bypass flaw

The iPhone 6S, in the new rose gold colour, seen here. Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Security researchers are warning iPhone users about a security flaw that may allow someone to bypass the passcode on their device.

The flaw, first reported over the weekend, can reportedly be exploited when a person types part of a code into the iPhone’s unlock screen, but then quickly activates Siri. Researcher Jose Rodriguez uploaded a step-by-step video demonstrating the vulnerability Saturday, which has since garnered over 300,000 views.

Successfully exploiting the vulnerability takes a number of steps, according to Rodriguez’s video – however, if someone were able to get a hold of your phone and use this method, they would be able to access your photos, messages and other personal data.

Apple already released an update to its new operating system iOS 9 this week (iOS 9.0.1) – which fixes a number of software bugs – however, as security research Graham Cluley points out, the update does not appear to fix this vulnerability.

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Rodriguez said he reported the bug to Apple shortly before iOS 9 was released.

Global News contacted Apple to ask whether it is working on a fix for the issue; however, a request for comment was not immediately returned.

To protect yourself in the meantime, researchers suggest disabling access to Siri from the lock screen.

To do so, go to “Settings” and choose “Touch ID & Passcode.”

You will be prompted to enter your passcode. From there, scroll down to “Allow access when locked,” and disable Siri.

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