Obby Khan helps support youth with breakfast fundraiser

Obby Khan and Youth Employment Services hold fundraising breakfast Thursday morning to support youth employment.

WINNIPEG – Winnipeggers gathered at a fundraising breakfast at the Radisson Hotel Thursday morning. The event was hosted by  Youth Employment Services, which helps young job seekers get a foot in the market by providing resources, equipment and training.

Restaurant owner, Obby Khan was speaking at the event on his expectation as an employer and what it takes to be successful in a job. The former Blue Bomber owns numerous restaurants around the city, including Shawarma Khan. He told Global News there is a demand for workers at many of his places.

“There’s not enough employees out there. Especially employees with the skills and mindset who are ready to work.,” Khan said. “I think with help from Youth Employment Services they will have the proper skills and training.”


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