Saskatchewan has the most pampered pets, particularly dogs

SASKATOON – It turns out our pooches and pets are pretty lucky to be living in Saskatchewan. According to new numbers from, Regina is the new top dog for the most pampered canines in the country followed by Saskatoon.

This will mark the company’s third annual list and was based on data from August 2014 to August 2015, which looked at per capita spending in cities across the country per 100,000 people.

Overall, Canadians purchased more items for dogs than they did cats and it turns out the ones here are living in the lap of luxury.

“Pets are part of our family,” said Lucille Johnson, co-owner of The Bone & Biscuit Co. in the Stonebridge neighbourhood.

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From high-end bedding with memory foam to decadent delights, Johnson says people are sparing no expense when it comes to man’s best friend.

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“With fall coming we have shoes for the dogs, if your out hiking you can put on the little boots, the little winter jackets, the sweaters. People like to pamper their pets that way as well.”

Who needs just a collar when you can purchase one with jewels or studs and in different fabrics to boot. These spoiled side-kicks are being treated from head to tail and for every occasion.

“With Halloween coming up right now, we have Halloween costumes,” added Johnson.

At one local dog park, dog lovers admitted to splurging on pillows for their pooches to toys and everything in between.

According to new numbers from, the most pampered pets live in Saskatchewan particularly dogs. Devin Sauer/Global News

“I guess I’m not that surprised we probably spend more than we should on that kinda stuff,” said Ryan Keeping who was joined by Maxine and Frank.

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Kate Hofstra let us in on her little secret, she feeds her dog Polly little morsels of food under the table.

“She’s pretty brand new to me but so far she’s been quite spoiled.”

There’s even hydrotherapy for dogs as a form of treating chronic conditions, post-operative recovery, improving general health or for fun at Saskatoon Waterpaws Canine Aquatic Centre.

“Owners are allowed to come in with us to help motivate them in the water and get them to use all their limbs so it’s two birds with one stone basically,” said Ruila Xu.

Devin Sauer / Global News

Eighty dogs a month come to the facility to doggy paddle, some more than once a week.

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“It’s all about that companionship, dogs can provide you with something that you might not get in any other form. They have that unconditional love that they show you so it’s very natural to try to reciprocate that,” smiled Xu.

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