WATCH: Surgeons to build new snout for Florida puppy hit by train

An eight-week-old beagle-mix puppy had its nose ripped off by a speeding train in West Palm Beach, Florida. According to Big Dog Ranch Rescue, a young boy found the puppy and brought him by bicycle to a local vet.

Its mother and sibling did not survive the hit.

The dog was named Special. But with no one to cover the cost of veterinary care, the dog was set to be put down.

But the surgeons at Jupiter Veterinary Surgical Center teamed up with the rescue organization to arrange for a new snout to be built for Special.

“He’s a very young puppy,” veterinary surgeon Richard Hurt told CBS 12. “He’s really timid and scared at this point. Obviously he’s been through a lot of trauma so he doesn’t trust anybody.”

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Over the next few weeks, surgeons will construct a new nose for the puppy.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s founder Lauree Simmons told the Examiner that once Special has recovered, the agency will try to place him in a new home.

“He might not be very pretty when he recovers from the operation, but we are hoping someone will want to adopt him, even though he may not look perfect when he grows up,” she said.

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