Calgary’s first carless condo in East Village 15% sold


CALGARY – After gaining unanimous support from city council to build Calgary’s first carless condo, developer Knightsbridge Homes unveiled a seven-foot-tall Lego model of the N3 project Friday, and reported lots of interest in the new units.

“I think the time has come for this type of project in this location, I really do,” said Joe Starkman, president of Knightsbridge Homes. “Despite the tough times, Calgary is not going away.”

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After a “friends and family” event Thursday night, the building units were already 15 per cent sold.

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“We only sold the upper-end units, and we had 60 people through and we sold 28 units,” said Starkman.

Units start under $200,000—a price point rarely seen in the city.

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“There is nothing else in the whole city you can buy for the value that is here,” said Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) chairperson Lyle Edwards. “If you live here with no car you don’t have to go very far, particularly if you live downtown, you walk to work, and walk to the various services and you don’t have to leave the community.”

Starkman said the target buyer is 22 to 35 years old, with car ownership not too high on the priority list.

The building will break ground this fall beside the old St. Louis Hotel, and will likely take two years to complete. The Lego model is the “largest commissioned architectural Lego model in Canada,” according to builder Dave Ware.

The developer ofCalgary’s first carless condo unveiled a seven-foot-tall Lego model of the N3 project Sept. 11, 2015. Loren Andreae / Global News

With files from Erika Tucker

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