TIFF 2015: Mischa Barton shuts down rumours about ‘The O.C.’ reunion

In an interview with ET Canada, actress Mischa Barton reveals there are no plans of a The O.C. reunion.

The former The O.C. star didn’t hold anything back when it came to discussing the past television drama.

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When our own Sangita Patel brought up the idea of a potential remake of the show, the actress responded with a laugh and jokingly replied: “Well there is also like an O.C.: The Musical going on out there somewhere.”

But what about a reunion? Any plans on getting the California gang back together?

“No. I mean I just doubt very much,” says Barton. “I just think that those characters they had a life of their own and they burned out a little bit very fast because they were just fascinating characters. And you can’t… every time you try to replicate something it doesn’t really happen. And you know, after The O.C. there was a slew of other things like it but like more yeah, more salacious even. So I feel like you can’t… There’s nowhere to go with it.”

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Well, there you have it folks. It looks like we will never see Ryan, Seth, Marissa, or Summer together ever again.