Surviving the Slump: 5 ways to cope with job loss

WATCH ABOVE: Dr. Melanie Peacock from the Bissett School of Business joins Global Calgary with details on the impacts of losing your job.

CALGARY – With a recent downturn in the economy impacting hundreds of businesses across the country, Global News is getting advice on what to do if you get laid off.

Losing your job doesn’t just impact you financially, it’s stressful too

Dr. Melanie Peacock from Mount Royal University’s Bissett School of Business says one of the things most people are uncomfortable talking about or addressing is the emotional side of job loss.

“I really encourage people to think of this as a grieving process,” says Peacock. “Because it is a loss.”

5 ways to cope with job loss

  1. Talk to someone. “Sit down with a friend, a partner, family,” says Peacock. “Vocalize how you’re feeling.”
  2. Get physical. “It’s also important to keep moving, to make sure that you get out of bed in the morning,” says Peacock, who suggests exercise as a way to stave off despair.
  3. Try to move on after a maximum of two weeks. “You can visit ‘pity city,’ you’re just not allowed to live there,” says Peacock.
  4. Get networking. “There are all kinds of different ways to network, aside from picking up the phone,” says Peacock. “We really encourage people to keep their LinkedIn profiles up-to-date. You never know who’s watching that.”
  5. Volunteer your time. “Stay in touch with professional organizations,” suggests Peacock. “Opportunities often present themselves.”

When looking for a new job, Peacock says it’s an opportunity to be creative.

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“Often it’s a chance to reinvent yourself,” says Peacock. “How about taking this as an opportunity?”

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