Sister’s dare causes girl to get stuck inside ‘claw’ arcade game

WATCH ABOVE: Kids never cease to amaze when it comes to finding mischief. But a Frisco, Texas six-year-old may have hit the jackpot – she got stuck in an arcade game. Robbie Owens reports.

Like a scene from a Disney animation, a six-year-old Texas girl recently got herself stuck inside an arcade game and it took firefighters to rescue her.

Juliette Grimes, her mother and her older sister Katy, 8, were at a Frisco pizza parlour Monday evening when she was dared to retrieve a ball from the bowels of a ‘claw crane‘ — a type of vending machine that gives the user a chance to collect and keep an item using a claw.

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Members of the Frisco Fire Department eventually arrived and were able to get Juliette out of the machine. After some entertaining pictures were taken, of course.

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Cecilia Green, Juliette’s mom who was nearby when she got stuck, admits there isn’t much that stops her wee one.

“In her world, there are no challenges,” Green admitted. “If there’s a boundary, they’re meant for other kids. Not for her.”

The scene is strikingly similar to scenes from the feature film Toy Story and an episode of Disney’s Doc McStuffins.

Buzz Lightyear managed to go inside a claw machine disguised as a spaceship when he was convinced he needed to return to space. As for Doc, an episode called Arcade Escapehas her tasked with helping mend a giraffe named Gaby who needed help getting out of the machine just to get fixed.

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As for the fiasco in Frisco, both girls have been grounded, but the criminal mastermind continues to fly under the radar.

“I haven’t told my Mom this yet,” big sister Katy confessed, “but, maybe it was a double dog dare.”

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