Organizers don’t expect AC/DC will attract as many fans as their last Moncton show

WATCH ABOVE: Early estimates put ticket sales for the upcoming AC/DC concert at 50-thousand people. That’s good news for greater Moncton’s Hotels and Restaurants. Global’s Brion Robinson reports.

MONCTON – The president of the production company bringing AC/DC to Moncton isn’t expecting as many people to attend this year’s show as the last show in 2009, but he’s encouraging fans to buy their tickets early.

Andre Hudon is the president of Donald K. Donald and he’s in Moncton helping get the show underway before Saturday.

The last time AC/DC played Magnetic Hill in 2009 they attracted over 60,000 fans.

“I don’t expect to have those numbers this time but I do expect to have a significant number,” he said. “The box office has been hot all week.”

He said buying tickets early avoids long line-ups the day of the show.

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“We do encourage people to buy their tickets in advance and not wait until the day of the show because there’ll be long line-ups at the door,” he said.

The first show was a financial boost to the area. It pumped money into hotels, restaurants and bars. But other business are also profiting from construction work.

Pascal Dube runs StageCrew Inc., a Moncton-based company that builds large stages for big shows.

He says crews have been working on the AC/DC stage since Monday.

“We’re involved from the stage build where we’ll have the forklift, drivers, stage hands, scaffolders, climbers,” he said.

He said work will peak after the show ends with as many as 240 workers.

“That’s the most important time because we’ve got to make sure everything’s in the truck because the touring crew’s got to go and get to the next show,” he said.

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