What Lethbridge drivers, pedestrians need to know as kids go back to school

WATCH ABOVE: Students in the Catholic system returned to classes Tuesday and that means school zones are back in effect. Speeding is the most obvious thing to keep in mind in those zones, but police are looking for a lot more than that. Quinn Campbell reports.

LETHBRIDGE- Students with the Holy Spirit School Division are officially back in class and the rest will follow suit on Wednesday. The Lethbridge Regional Police Service is reminding drivers and pedestrians that it’s not just school zone laws that need to be followed when students are back in school.

“We watch for things such as parents crossing the road, for example, with their kids. We want parents to show a proper example to the kids and use proper crosswalks, sidewalks and so on,” added Cst. Marco Pagliericci with LRPS.

Police will also be watching for parking violations like double parking or blocking alley ways, drivers doing U-turns, distracted driving and speeding.

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“There is no leeway, we are not going to give warnings,” said Pagliericci. “This is an event that starts every year for the last 50 years that I’ve been born, so people know that school starts today, therefore school zones are in effect. And if they speed they are going to get a ticket.”

Speed limits in all school zones are posted at 30 kilometres an hour – and are in effect from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The city of Lethbridge has a bylaw prohibiting buses from using lights and arms within the city, but asks that drivers proceed with caution. If you are in a rural area or Coaldale, it’s mandatory to stop if the lights are flashing. If you don’t, you could be hit with a $365 ticket.

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