Hundreds of tickets issued after Snow Route parking ban

Just hours after declaring a Snow Event in Calgary, the City has already handed out hundreds of tickets.

The second-ever snow route parking ban went into effect at 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

After a brief grace period, enforcement started at 1 p.m.

The Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) started tagging cars whose owners will now have a price to pay for parking on a snow route.

In the first hour and a half 215 tickets were handed out.

The price for parking on a snow route is $75 dollars or $40 if you pay within ten days.

The CPA says it will enforce the ban until it’s lifted and is working closely with roads to target trouble spots for the ploughs

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As of 4:00 p.m. the CPA issued 725 tickets.  

And if you were one of the hundreds who received a ticket, Calgary Councilor John Mar can understand your frustration; he too got a $40 ticket.  

Over 4,000 warnings were handed out during the first snow ban.

During a snow event, vehicles are banned from parking on any street that has been designated as a snow route.

Vehicles that remain parked on these roads during the ban will be ticketed or towed.

However, all Calgary Parking Authority parkades and surface parking lots are offering free parking from 9:00 pm until 6:00 am the next morning during the snow route parking ban.

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Parking is available in all ParkPlus zones until 9:00 pm this evening, and vehicles with valid handicap permits parked in handicapped zones may remain parked at all times.

Vehicles parked outside these hours must be moved to facilitate snow clearing operations. Calgary Roads signage indicates no parking is allowed in ParkPlus zones from 21:00-06:00.

Snow routes include major roadways, collector roads and most bus routes and are marked by blue signs with a white snowflake icon.  

For more information visit or call 311.  

Check out our Snow Event FAQ page, or the following Snow Routes Road Listings:


Snow Routes Road Listing

 A map of impacted routes is included below, or check out the City of Calgary’s Interactive Snow Route Map.  
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Snow Route Parking Map