Highway 1 vigil pushes for stop light at Pilot Butte intersection

A sign for the #DyingWaiting campaign sits near Highway 1 during a vigil. Matt Myers/ Global News

REGINA – A group of concerned citizens from the Pilot Butte area held a vigil on Sunday afternoon in memory of those who have died on Highway 1.

Since 2005 15 people have died on the stretch of highway between Regina and Balgonie. Five of these fatalities have occurred at the intersection just west of Pilot Butte. One of these people was Lane Campbell who died on August 9, 2013. His mother helped organize the vigil.

“He was going into Grade 11. He didn’t get to graduate. So for me it’s not only a personal thing, but for this community I don’t want another person to have to go through this,” Wanda Campbell said.

Campbell and the other members of the vigil are pushing the Ministry of Highways to install a stop light at the intersection. They’re doing this by circulating postcards of their “#DyingWaiting” campaign addressed to Minister of Highways Nancy Heppner.

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Currently the intersection has warning lights on the highway, and flashing red lights above the stop signs on the grid road that crosses the highway.

According to SGI there have been 799 collisions, 312 injuries, and 10 deaths between 2005 and 2013 on this section of Highway 1.

In 2014 the Ministry reduced the speed limit on this stretch of road from 110 km/h to 90 km/h in response to a petition signed by residents and designated it a “High Collision Corridor.”

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