Oakville mayor in Twitter uproar for comparing Harper security to Nazi militias

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton.

Oakville’s mayor is in hot water after comparing Stephen Harper’s added campaign security to militias associated with Hitler and Mussolini.

Rob Burton posted a link on Twitter Friday to a Canadian Press story that appeared on an Ottawa website about the Prime Minister hiring Canadian veterans to boost security while on the campaign trail.

Burton then followed the tweet with a post containing links to Wikipedia articles on Hitler’s and Mussolini’s security forces.

The hashtag #ResignMayorBurton began trending following the tweets and politicians began responding on the social media platform as well.

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In an interview with CP24, Burton refused to apologize for the tweets and denied he was comparing Canadian Forces to Nazis.

“I am not associating Canada’s veterans with anything. That’s what the Conservatives would like this to be about but this is about what a political party is doing and not who they are using to do it,” he said.

“We are sliding down a slippery slope here where private police details are being used to undermine the rule of law in Canada.”