Apple launches replacement program for blurry iPhone 6 Plus cameras

Blurry photos? You might be eligible for a fix. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

TORONTO – If you are having trouble taking clear pictures with your iPhone 6 Plus camera, you aren’t alone.

Apple has launched a replacement program for the iPhone 6 Plus after acknowledging that some of the devices have faulty cameras. According to the company, the defect affects units within a “limited” serial number range, sold between September 2014 and January 2015.

The iPhone 6 Plus was released in September 2014, so you’re likely eligible if you were the first in line for the device. It’s unclear how many devices are affected by the recall.

“Apple has determined that, in a small percentage of iPhone 6 Plus devices, the iSight camera has a component that may fail causing your photos to look blurry,” reads Apple’s website.

“If your iPhone 6 Plus is producing blurry photos and falls into the eligible serial number range, Apple will replace your device’s iSight camera, free of charge.”

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The problem only affects the iSight camera, located on the back of the device – the front-facing selfie camera isn’t affected.

iPhone 6 models are not affected by the faulty camera.

Users can check their eligibility on the Apple website by entering their phone’s serial number. You can find your serial number by tapping “Settings,” then “General,” then “About.”

Apple’s website noted that the phone must be producing blurry images to be eligible.

The device must also be in “working order” – which means you might not be eligible if your phone has water damage, or if it’s cracked or damaged. If your device is damaged, you might have to pay for it to be fixed before Apple will replace the camera.

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