Federal Election 2015: Spadina-Fort York riding results

Summary: Olivia Chow makes her return to federal politics in this new riding. It is a smaller version of the Trinity-Spadina riding, where Chow was MP from 2006 until 2014, when she resigned to run in the Toronto mayoralty race. This time, she’ll have to beat Liberal Adam Vaughan, who won her old seat in the by-election that followed her resignation.

Boundaries: The new riding encompasses the area south of Dundas Street that was formerly a part of Trinity-Spadina.

Last Election: In the 2014 by-election in Trinity-Spadina, Liberal Adam Vaughn beat NDP Joe Cressy by a margin of 19 per cent. In 2011, voters within these new boundaries voted 49.6 per cent NDP followed by 24.4 per cent Liberal.

History: The former riding of Trinity-Spadina had been a battle between the NDP and Liberals since its creation in 1988. The Liberals held the seat from 1993 until 2006, before Chow took the seat.

Demographics: Full of young people living in condos, Spadina-Fort York has the lowest number of children per household (0.6) in Ontario, and has the third lowest median age (33.2).


Conservative: Sabrina Zuniga, management consultant

NDP: Olivia Chow, former MP

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Liberal: Adam Vaughan, MP since 2014 and former Toronto councillor

Green: Sharon Danley, retired social worker

Marxist-Leninist: Nick Lin

Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency: Michael Nicula

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