Federal Election 2015: Mississauga-Lakeshore riding results

Summary: This riding has a new name, but closely reflects the former riding of Mississauga South. Conservative MP Stella Ambler, who defeated six-term Liberal MP Paul Szabo in 2011, is seeking re-election.

Boundaries: Nearly identical to Mississauga South, Mississauga-Lakeshore adds just a few streets between the Credit River and Dundas Street.

Last Election: Conservative Ambler earned 46.5 per cent of the vote, defeating the incumbent Liberal Szabo, who earned 37.2 per cent. If these new boundaries had been in effect, the results would have been very similar, with the Conservatives taking 46.9 per cent, and the Liberals taking 36.9 per cent.

History: This riding was created in 1979, and voters here have never sent an MP packing after a single term. PC Don Blenkam held the seat from 1979 to 1993. Szabo held it for the Liberals from 1993 until Ambler’s win in 2011.

Demographics: Just 36.4 per cent of people in this riding were immigrants as of the 2011 census, by far the lowest of Mississauga’s six electoral districts.

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Conservative: Stella Ambler, MP

NDP: Eric Guerbilsky, training program manager

Liberal: Sven Spengemann, lawyer

Green: Ariana Burgener

Marxist-Leninist: Dagmar Sullivan 

Libertarian: Paul Woodworth