WATCH: Dashcam footage captures terrifying moment tornado picks up car in Taiwan

WATCH ABOVE: Dashcam footage shows a tornado sweeping across a Taiwan roadway.

TORONTO – In a terrifying moment, a tornado in Tainan City, Taiwan, picked up a car, narrowly missing another car.

As powerful Typhoon Souledor made landfall in Taiwan on Sunday as a Category 3 storm, heavy rains and winds battered the island.

There were reports of tornadoes in Tainan City, though it’s uncertain if they were all the same one or different ones.

The dashcam footage — which mistakenly has a timestamp of 2014 — shows a small white car being swept up in a tornado as it moves across a roadway. The people in the car with the dashcam appear uninjured and run to tend to someone who seemed to be picked up by the tornado. The white car can be seen in the distance in a ditch.

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