Crumbling roads have one Montrealer seeing red

WATCH ABOVE: A Montrealer who is fed up of the terrible roads in the city has taken matters into his own hands, creating a petition demanding the city to fix the streets. Global’s Tim Sargeants reports.

MONTREAL — Many Montrealers are exasperated with the all the road work currently being done in the city.

But not Jacques Diamond. The resident living on l’Assomption Boulevard is furious the road in front of his home has deteriorated to the point where it’s full of holes, cracks and crumbling asphalt.

“Not even a two-year-old would go near this road,” he yelled. “It’s too dangerous!”

Diamond has started a petition with more than 250 signatures demanding the city fix the street.

“Give us a normal road, that’s all we want,” he said.

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He plans to submit his petition to city hall once 500 names are signed, but that might not be necessary. It appears his message has been received at city hall.

“It’s going to get done in 2016,” Lionel Perez told Global News.

Montreal’s executive committee member in charge of infrastructure insists l’Assomption Boulevard will be repaved next year and some patch work may be done before the end of 2015.

Perez told Global News $270 million will be spent on road repair and the rebuilding of more than 200 kilometres of roads this year — an amount Perez claims is unprecedented.

“Montreal has never seen the amount of road work as being done as in this year,” Perez said. “We feel it, but we’re also going to benefit from the results when it’s done.”

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