Hells Angels’ Emery Martin, sentenced and then released

member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang Quebec chapter (left) is greeted outside a hotel by a member of the Los Bravos in Winnipeg Friday July 21, 2000. CP PHOTO/The Winnipeg Free Press-Phil Hossack. Phil Hossack -Phil Hossack/CP PHOTO

MONTREAL – Hells Angels member, Emery Martin was one of the men slated to stand trial in Gouin court this week after the SharQC sting operation into the Hells Angels in Quebec.

54-year-old Emery Martin pleaded guilty to all the charges placed against him earlier in the week and was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Friday–and then released for time served.

Martin was arrested in 2009 and had been detained ever since. His pre-trial detention counted as double-time, so he was immediately eligible for release.

Only five Hells Angels will stand trial in what had been expected to be a mega trial.

The trial which was set to begin August 3, was postponed for a week after one of the jurors withdrew.

The 2009 SharQC operation led to 156 arrests, including 111 suspected members of the Hells Angels biker gang, with charges ranging from first-degree murder to drug trafficking and gangsterism.

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As of today, 105 of the accused have avoided going to trial by pleading guilty, eight are on the lam, and three have died.

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