Montreal cabs to accept credit and debit cards

A taxi is shown in Montreal, Wednesday, May 13, 2015. Graham Hughes/Canadian Press

MONTREAL – As of mid-October, all of the taxis in the city will have to accept credit and debit cards.

In a press release on Wednesday, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre said that the change will help improve the security of the drivers, since they won’t have as much cash on them.

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He also said accepting electronic payments will offer customers a service worthy of a 21st century metropolis.

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“This is very good news for the taxi business,” said Dani Atallah, Vice-President of the Regroupement de Proprietaires de Taxis de Montreal.

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In the past few years, cabbies have been facing some stiff competition from Uber, who only accept credit cards.

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“We have the technology for it,”said Atallah.

As for what percentage of credit card sales will go to the city or who will be paying for the machines, Atallah said the details have not yet been figured out.

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