Your stories: Why don’t you vote?

This person votes. Do you? If not, let us know why. File / Global News

The percentage of eligible voters who actually show up to vote on election day has been falling steadily since it reached a high of 79.2 per cent in 1963.

Only 61 per cent of voters showed up in 2011 when Conservative leader Stephen Harper won his majority government.

Young people are the least likely to turn up on Election Day. Only 52 per cent of people aged 18-34 voted during the 2011 federal election. By contrast, 73 per cent of people aged 55-74 voted.

A July report from the Broadbent Institute suggested many of them feel ignored.

But we want to know from you – millennials and non-millennials alike.

We want to know why you don’t vote. Fill in the contact form below and explain. Is it apathy, do you feel ignored, do you think it’s pointless, do you just forget about it, or are you too busy?

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We want to know the real reasons why people don’t vote ahead of this federal election.

Note: While we may publish your story in this or future articles and contact you if we have questions, we won’t publish or forward your contact information.

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