Cameras rolling as Japanese mountainside comes crashing down in epic landslide

WATCH ABOVE: NTV footage captures the moment the mountain began to collapse as well as the aftermath.

The unbelievable moment an entire side of a mountain came crashing down in an epic landslide has been recorded by Japanese broadcaster NTV.

Cameras were rolling Tuesday in Kagoshima Prefecture as heavy rain caused the third landslide in a month and forced residents of the small, nearby town of Tarumizu to run for their lives.

Footage also showed a river of mud surge its way through town but no injuries or fatalities were reported.

The epic imagery is similar to what a Global News crew recorded at Johnsons Landing in 2012. Former Global National reporter Francis Silvaggio had been assigned to cover a story about a landslide the previous day when the forest around him came crashing down.

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WATCH ABOVE: A Global National crew witnessed an incredible mudslide at Johnsons Landing in British Columbia in 2012.


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