WATCH: North Vancouver dog rides on scooter

WATCH: Lili the American Eskimo is a North Vancouver dog making headlines for her scooter riding skills.

Move over, water-skiing squirrels and skateboarding bulldogs, there’s a new top dog in town.

Lili is an American Eskimo dog that attracts crowds wherever she goes by riding her motorized tricycle.

Ondrej Kellner, Lili’s proud owner, says she took up the scooter when she was a puppy.

Three years ago Kellner bought a cheap, non-motorized tricycle and introduced it to Lili, who took to it immediately. So Kellner decided to ramp things up from there, adding an electric motor.

Lili now has four motorized scooters and tricycles.

Kellner takes her out twice a day, usually to a parking lot or field in North Vancouver so Lili can do her thing, much to the delight of onlookers.