By the numbers: Cost of infertility in Canada

Infertility is on the rise in Canada. As a result, more couples are paying for procedures or pills in the hopes they will be parents one day.

But the cost isn’t cheap, and your health plan may not cover this. Here is a glance at infertility costs in Canada.

One clomiphene pill can cost anywhere from $8-$100. It can depend on dosage. To save money, generic brands are recommended.

In Canada, it’s against the law to buy a man’s sperm. But you can go to a sperm bank to purchase previously frozen sperm.

Different sperm banks will charge different rates, but prices can range from $400-$800. Shipping and administrative costs may also be added.

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A cost of $125 could be tacked on if you want to see the sperm donor’s profile.

Storing frozen sperm can also cost $200-$350 per sample, per year. There is also an annual maintenance fee involved, which can be about $200.

A woman’s eggs appear to be more valuable than a man’s sperm. Freezing eggs can cost $5,000. Think that’s hefty? The annual maintenance cost almost as much: $4,500.

In vitro fertilization, if it isn’t covered by your health care plan, can cost anywhere from $6,500 to $13,000. Semen analysis and medication costs are included.

Embryo freezing, which can include the first six months of storage, costs about $550. Yearly maintenance will cost $300.

Without a coverage plan, frozen embryo transfer costs can be about $1,700.

Patients with hepatitis have to fork out an extra $200.

Don’t forget about consultation, counselling, and adminstration fees. These can be anywhere from $50-$250 each.

Source:, IVF Canada 

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