1 in 3 Canadians suffer from road rage each month: survey

WATCH ABOVE: A third of Canadians admit to suffering from road rage once a month, according to a new survey. Sarah Offin reports.

CALGARY – A third of Canadians are victims of road rage at least once a month, according to a new poll.

The survey from State Farm Canada, released on Tuesday, found the most common road rage triggers were tailgating (30 per cent), seeing others drive while distracted (22 per cent) and being cut off (22 per cent).


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“Increased suburban development and a lack of updated transportation infrastructure have led to increased congestion on Canadian roads,” says John Bordignon with State Farm. “More traffic can lead to frustration for drivers, add things like weather, construction and the behaviours of others – and one can understand how emotions can quickly escalate into road rage.”

The survey suggested almost half of drivers (46 per cent) stayed calm when faced with an incident that inspired road rage, while 20 per cent said they simply honked their horn to vent their frustration.

When respondents were asked which good driving habits they noticed the most, 25 per cent said drivers being courteous to others, while almost a quarter said drivers using turn signals properly.

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While 61 per cent of respondents admitted they speed in warmer months, almost half (46 per cent) said decreasing speed limits wouldn’t lead to safer roads.

The survey also found that Canadians feel the most common form of impaired driving is related to alcohol (54 per cent), while almost a third cited fatigue.

State Farm Canada said 1,300 respondents of driving age across Canada were polled during the online survey conducted in February, 2015.

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