WATCH: Man almost run over by car during road rage street fight

WATCH ABOVE: A man is close to being run over by a car during a road rage incident that turned violent on the streets of Los Angeles 

A violent video circulating online shows a road rage altercation between two men escalate into a full blown street fight in Los Angeles, Calif., with one of the men narrowly avoiding being run over by oncoming traffic.

The cellphone video, shared on YouTube by Casey Casseday on June 8, shows a green Toyota trying to squeeze into a lane in front of a black Toyota before finally colliding with his car.

The driver of the black Toyota then leans out his window and punches the offending car, before exiting his car and confronting the other driver. The two begin to pummel each other in the street.

After a flurry of punches, the driver of the green Toyota is thrown backwards into oncoming traffic and narrowly avoids being struck in the head by a van driving by.

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He begins to get up, only to be assailed again by the other driver. After landing a couple more punches the black Toyota’s driver gets back into his car to drive off, but not before being attacked through his car’s window by a third man who apparently witnessed the fight.

Casseday says on YouTube= he witnessed the brawl next to Hollywood High School in Los Angeles Monday morning and described the incident as a man almost losing his head in the fight.

“These two were screaming at each other for ten minutes before they passed me and started fighting,” Casseday wrote in his description of the video.

Local television station KTLA reported that a nearby traffic officer was seen writing down the licence plate of the two vehicles but a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division said the incident had not been reported as of Tuesday morning.

KTLA also spoke to a witness who described the incident as “unusually violent.”

“It’s typical to see somebody yell or honk, but rarely do both guys get out of the vehicle and throw down in the middle of the street,” he said.

“For some people, it’s getting so old — the traffic in this town — that’s it’s flying into a whole other level.”