No complaints filed to police in latest Vancouver road rage incident

Want to protect yourself from road rage? Then consider getting a dash cam.

That’s the advice from a former RCMP officer turned driving instructor following the latest case of road rage in downtown Vancouver.

The video was posted on YouTube on June 10, but was shot on June 6. It shows one man putting his hands around the neck of the man in the car behind him. The two exchange words before driving off.

It’s not clear what both drivers were doing before the camera started rolling.

Mike Glas is the chief driving instructor at Surrey-based Thinking Driver. He says these days, a dash cam could be another way to protect yourself from road rage.

“If a person’s going to do road rage, if they see a dash cam they may be a little less likely to do that,” said Glas.

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So far this year, Vancouver Police say they’ve received 130 reports of road rage, and over 300 in 2014.

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“Those incidents usually include or result in other events such as collisions, assaults, consensual fights, damage to someone’s vehicle, or threats,” said Cst. Brian Montague.

Vancouver Police are aware of the video, but are not investigating as neither driver has filed a formal complaint. Glass says this is more than just a case of road rage; it’s assault.

“I would he was very upset and he wanted to teach him a lesson. We don’t teach lessons on the street – that’s common assault. That’s a criminal code offense. That’s worse than what the other person was doing.”