Calgary couple’s wedding photo captures moment before massive summer storm

WATCH: A wedding picture snapped just seconds before a big storm hit Calgary, is getting a lot of online attention. As Carolyn Kury de Castillo reports, the crazy weather on Saturday made for a memorable wedding moment.

CALGARY – A wedding photo snapped just seconds before a massive summer storm in Calgary is getting lots of love on Facebook.

The photo, posted by Cassie’s Camera on Sunday, shows Owen Chan and Helen Knight gazing into each others’ eyes as ominous storm clouds gather overhead.

Photographer Cassie Molyneux says Saturday’s spectacular hail storm started about 60 seconds after the photo was taken, drenching the wedding party.

“We couldn’t all help but laugh hysterically at what was happening. It was absolutely crazy and definitely an unforgettable moment.”

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Chan says the group began racing towards their vehicle, which was parked about five minutes away.

“The hail hit, like really hard,” says Chan. “Immediately my best man goes to protect the bride.”

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“We get Helen and Cassie into the car, but it doesn’t actually fit all of us. So there’s four of us boys, my brother and my best man and another of my groomsmen, hiding out behind the car and behind a tree.”

“We only had two small umbrellas, a little pink one and a little light baby blue one – and they’re both flipping and folding over.”

The couple was supposed to be at a restaurant in 30 minutes for their wedding dinner, so they headed to their Bridgeland home to dry off.

“Helen’s dress [was] pretty wet… especially on the bottom, it caught a lot of water.”

The wedding party went to work, grabbing hair dryers and furiously fixing the bride and groom’s outfits.

“Helen’s hairdresser was actually in her wedding party, it’s one of her really good friends, so she immediately starts fixing her hair.”

“Meanwhile my pants are literally dripping water… there’s puddles around our shoes,” adds Chan. “My little brother worked at a clothing store for a couple years… so he starts checking labels to see exactly how he can get the water out.”

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Despite the soggy setback, the couple managed to arrive at their dinner on time.

“Other people were later than us to the dinner, because they got caught in the flooded streets.”

Molyneux says in her five years as a photographer, she’s never experienced anything like Saturday’s storm before.

“That was crazy. I’ve been to weddings where it started raining like bonkers, but we had already been under cover.”

She says her equipment is okay, adding that she had to forgo an umbrella to cover her camera.

“I ended up just having to take that umbrella and cradle it over my cameras,” adds Molyneux. “It was coming at us from every direction. It was nuts.”

The local photographer says reaction to the photo has been swift and sweet.

“People were sharing it, and posting the most lovely, lovely comments… it’s just been super, super positive.”

Since being posted to Facebook on Sunday, the stunning photo has gathered over 3,000 ‘likes’ and has been shared over 200 times.

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