Now trending: 11 people dead in crash near Stratford, Ontario

TORONTO – Investigators believe driver error was behind the horrific crash early last evening that claimed the lives of 11 people northeast of Stratford.

A flatbed truck slammed broadside into a large passenger van full of migrant workers at a stop-signed intersection near Hampstead, Ontario.

Ten people from the van and the driver of the truck died at the scene.

Three other people in the van were injured — one of them critically.

Condolences to the victims’ families have come in from Ontario’s premier, and also from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, which is calling for a thorough investigation.

President Wayne Hanley says 20-thousand migrants work in the Ontario agriculture sector each season, and that the safe transportation of those workers has always been a critical issue.

As details emerged about the crash, people took to social media to share their condolences.

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