WATCH: Two men seen climbing Trump Tower in video could face charges if identified

WATCH: Video surfaces of climbers illegally scaling Vancouver’s Trump Tower. Ted Chernecki reports on the consequences if the climbers are caught.

A video showing two men climbing Vancouver’s Trump Tower is prompting a warning from Vancouver Police.

The video was posted on YouTube on April 27, but has only recently surfaced on social media.

It shows two men leaping over the fence at the Trump International Hotel and Vancouver Tower construction site and climbing the building’s scaffolding under cover of the night.

WATCH: Two men climb Vancouver’s Trump Tower

The tower on Georgia Street is still under construction and is supposed to stand around 188 meters, or 63 stories, tall when its construction is complete in 2016.

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It is not clear from the video whether the two men reached the top of the building, but they can be seen taking pictures with their phones from a considerable height.

They can also been seen walking inside the unfinished building before making their way down.

Vancouver Police Const. Brian Montague told Global News the two men in the video, if identified, could potentially face criminal charges.

“It shows an incredible lack of common sense and some poor decision-making capabilities to do something that appears quite dangerous,” he said.

Montague added they have no reports of the incident, but if the property owner or representative wishes to file a report with the Vancouver Police, an investigation would be launched.

The developer of Trump Tower is investigating how the pair managed to get onto the site and looking at what measures can be taken to stop such an incident from happening again.

“I was very disappointed that they would do something so dangerous; They really could have gotten hurt,” Joo Kim Tiah, president and CEO of Holborn Group, said in a statement to Global News. “We are investigating exactly how they got onto the site so that we can prevent it from happening again. We have 24-hour security guards on site, plus security cameras.

“We would like to ask the public for help in identifying these youngsters. They should be turned over to police investigators. This type of thing is a fad all over the world, but we need to teach younger people that there are consequences for breaking the law. It’s all fun until someone dies.”

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